Travel Advice for Thailand
Capital: Bangkok

Time Zone GMT + 7
Country Code: 66
IDD: International Direct Dialling is available
Outgoing Code: 001
Not present.
Tourism Authority of Thailand, 49 Albermarle Street, London, W1X 3FE
Tel: (020) 7499 7679 fax: (020) 7629 5519.
Valid passport required by all. Return Ticket Required. Requirements may change at short notice. Contact the embassy before departure.
Overstaying visas can result in detention. Due to the complexity, and frequent changes to passport/visa requirements travellers are advised to check current regulations with their consulate prior to travel.
Polio, Typhoid: Vaccination recommended.
Malaria : Exists in the Falciparum variety in rural areas throughout the year. Resistance to chloroquine has been reported.
Yellow Fever: A vaccination certificate is required to those over 1 year of age arriving from infected areas.
Other Health Risks: Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies Dengue Fever, Dysentery and Hepatitis A and E.
& Drink
Water is untreated and not safe to drink. Avoid dairy products as they are not pasteurised. Fruit and vegetables should be peeled before consumption.
Currency Baht (Bt) = 100 satang.
NOTE: Export of local currency is limited to Bt 50000.
All credit cards are accepted. Travellers cheques, preferably in US dollars or Pound sterling, are accepted in large hotels and shops.
ATM availability: Over 2300 locations.
Cost of
Relatively inexpensive. especially outside of Bangkok.
Languages Thai. English, Malay and Chinese are also spoken.
Weather Generally hot particularly between mid Feb and June. The monsoon season = mid May to Oct when the climate is hot with torrential rain. The most comfortable time for travelling is Nov to Feb.
Electricity 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz. A variety of plugs are used.
Post Up to 1 week.
Transport FLIGHTS: The national airline runs services between the main towns. ROAD: There is a reasonable network of which all the major roads are paved.
BUS: Very cheap but very crowded. Privately owned buses are more comfortable and are moderately priced. When taking the bus in the city leave the back seat free for the Saffron robed monks.
BOAT: Services are good.
NOTE: Obtain a good map as finding your way around can be confusing to the newcomer.
NOTE: Always keep hold of your passport. Do not give it to hotel owners; hire shops etc. There have been recent incidents of assaults on foreign tourists using unlicensed taxis. Be wary of accepting food or drinks from strangers as it may be drugged. Thai laws on the use and transportation of narcotics are stringent. Tourists should be vigilant of any packages or gifts given. Also note that there are no government 'gem shops' only gem scams! - If an offer seems too good to pass up, just remember it's most likely to be too good to be true. Be warned - most people lose money on get rich quick schemes!! The Thai/Myanmar[Burmese] border is dangerous - check with local authorities before travelling to remote or border areas. The monarchy and religion are very sacred in Thailand. Insults to either: such as climbing on statues of Buddha will not be tolerated. Beach-wear should be confined to the beach / pool side. Take care when swimming off the coast of Phuket as strong riptides make swimming dangerous. Shoes should be removed before entering houses.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Discretion should be used and permission obtained before taking photos