Travel Advice for Republic of Yemen
Republic of Yemen
Capital: Sana'a

Time Zone GMT + 3
Country Code: 967
IDD: International Direct Dialling is available in parts of the country
Outgoing Code: 00
Not present.
Yemen Tourist Company, PO Box 1526, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen. Tel: (1) 330 039.
Valid passport required by all. Return Ticket required. Requirements may be subject to short-term change. Contact the relevant authority before departure.
Visa required by all except nationals of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and other holders of re-entry permits.
Polio, Typhoid: Vaccination recommended.
Malaria : Exists in the falciparum form throughout the year. Resistance to chloroquine has been reported.
Yellow Fever: A vaccination certificate is required from all travellers over 1 year of age coming from infected areas.
Other Health Risks: Cholera, Bilharzia, Rabies.
& Drink
Water is untreated and not safe to drink. Avoid dairy products as they are not pasteurised. Fruit and vegetables should be peeled before consumption.
Currency Yemeni Riyal is preferred (YR) = 100 fils.
Yemeni Dinar is also in circulation. NOTE: Import and export of local currency is limited to YAR 5000 or equivalent.
Diners Club and Amex are widely accepted. Travellers cheques can be exchanged in most banks and hotels. US dollars are the preferred currency.
ATM availability: Unavailable.
Cost of
If you conform to traditional Yemeni lifestyle you can live relatively cheaply but if you want to purchase western food and enjoy en-suite facilities this will be expensive. All accommodation has to be booked in advance.
Languages Arabic and English.
Weather Climate varies according to altitude. Highland are warmer in the summer. During the winter (Oct to Mar) the nights can be very cold in the mountains. Temperatures in the summer can be very high. The best time to visit is Oct to Apr.
Electricity 220/230 volts AC, 50 Hz.
Post Airmail to Western Europe from Sana'a takes about 4 days, mail to and from other towns may take longer.
Transport SEA: Local ferries connect ports.
ROAD: The road network is mainly limited to desert track. Use of 4-wheel drive vehicles with a guide is recommended.
BUS: There are regular intercity bus services.
TAXI: Sharing taxis is the cheapest form of transport between cities. Fares should be negotiated before hand.
CAR HIRE: Available in main towns.
DOCUMENTATION: An IDP is required.
NOTE: EXTREME RISK: - FCO advise against any travel to the Yemen at present. The rest of this advice applies when the situation improves - the potential for instability is likely to remain. The risk of random kidnapping remains. Travellers to Yemen should register with their local Embassy. Beachwear and shorts should be confined to the beach / pool. Smoking is forbidden in public during Ramadan. Where possible travel in organised groups with well-established tour agents. Armed theft of vehicles is common. There remains some danger from mines laid during the civil war in the Southern and Eastern Governances. Off-road travel is not recommended. Respect local sensitivities regarding religious sites.