Travel Advice for Montserrat
Capital: Plymouth

Time Zone GMT - 4
Country Code: 1 664
IDD: International Direct Dialling is available
Outgoing Code: 011
Police - 999, Ambulance - 911.
Montserrat Tourist Board, PO Box 7, Marine Road, Plymouth, Montserrat,
Tel: 491 2230 or 491 8730 Fax: 491 7430.
Valid passport required by all except: Nationals of Canada, the USA and the UK and its colonies who may enter as tourists with a valid national ID card or other form of identity for a maximum stay of 6 months. Nationals of Australia, EU and Japan providing they enter as tourists for a maximum stay of 14 days. Return Ticket required. Requirements may be subject to short-term change. Contact embassy before departure.
Required by all except: Nationals of Great Britain Australia USA. Nationals of Commonwealth countries (except Bangladesh Brunei India Maldives Namibia Pakistan South Africa and Sri Lanka who do require visas if their stay exceeds 14 days and if entering on business.) Nationals of EU countries (except nationals of Finland, Ireland and Portugal who do require visas if their stay exceeds 14 days and if entering on business) Nationals of Fiji, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Tunisia. NOTE Other nationals may not require a visa if entering as a tourist and not staying for longer than 14 days. However this does not apply to all nationalities therefore contact the passport office.
Polio, Typhoid: Vaccination recommended.
Other Health Risks: Bilharzia, Dengue Fever, Dysentery and Hepatitis A are present.
& Drink
Water is untreated and not safe to drink.
Currency East Caribbean Dollar (EC$) = 100 cents
Exchange: Commercial banks in Ulan Bator and bureau de change at certain hotels.
Visa is widely accepted. Travellers cheques are accepted in tourist areas. Pound sterling or US$ are the preferred currency.
ATM availability: 1 location only.
Cost of
Following the volcanic eruption in 1996, the economy and the tourist industry have suffered.
Languages English.
Weather Subtropical climate and warm all year round. Most rain falls between Sept and Nov. The heavy cloud-bursts refresh the climate and once cleared the sun re-appears.
Electricity 120/220 volts AC, 60 Hz.
Post 1 Week.
Transport ROAD: A good network exists connecting all towns, but driving can be difficult for those not use to winding mountain roads.
BUS: Scheduled buses run hourly.
CAR HIRE: Available at the airport and hotels and is often included in the price of accommodation.
DOCUMENTATION: A valid foreign licence can be used to purchase a temporary licence either at the airport or Plymouth police station.
The airport is currently closed, travel to the island is by ferry from Antigua. Access to some parts of the island is forbidden because of volcanic activity. Volcanic ash poses health problems. Consult your local Embassy for further information.