Travel Advice for Kuwait
Capital: Kuwait City

Time Zone GMT + 3
Country Code: 965
IDD: International Direct Dialling is available
Outgoing Code: 00
Not present.
Department of Tourism, Ministry of Information, PO Box 193, 13002 Safat, as-Sour St, Kuwait City, Kuwait. Tel: 243 6644 Fax: 242 9758.
Valid passport required by all. Requirements may be subject to change at short notice. Contact the relevant authority before travelling.
Required by all except: Nationals of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates for a stay up to 3 months. Nationals of Saudi Arabia for an unlimited period.
Polio, Typhoid: Vaccination recommended.
Other Health Risks: Cholera.
& Drink
Water is untreated and not safe to drink.
Currency Kuwait Dinar (KWD) = 1000 fils.
All credit cards and travellers cards are accepted. US dollars are the preferred cheque currency.
ATM availability: 180 locations.
Cost of
Expensive and may be difficult for the budget traveller.
Languages Arabic. English is generally widely understood.
Weather Similar to Europe but hotter and dryer. Summer: (Apr - Oct) is hot and humid with little rain. Winter: (Nov - Mar) is cool with limited rainfall.
Electricity 240 volts AC, 50 Hz single phase. UK-type flat 3 pin plugs are used.
Post Airmail to Western Europe takes about 5 days.
Transport ROAD: A good network exists between cities.
BUS: Reliable and inexpensive service operates between main cities.
TAXI: Popular and reliable service, but fares should always be agreed in advance.
CAR HIRE: Available.
DOCUMENTATION: IDP required. Temporary licence available on presentation of a valid British licence.
Because of the situation of global and regional insecurity at present, travellers should exercise extreme caution and make only necessary journeys to this country. If you intend to travel depite this advice you should be aware that British nationals should not attempt to travel anywhere near the border with Iraq. British nationals should register with their Embassy on arrival. All Islamic laws should be respected. Women should dress modestly. Men should not wear shorts or go topless in public. It is greatly appreciated if visitors learn a few words of Arabic.
SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: There is a danger of unexploded land mines throughout the country. Seek advice before using beaches and venturing out of the city.
PHOTOGRAPHY: In theory a photography permit is required.