Travel Advice for the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Capital: Prague

Time Zone GMT + 1
(GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to the Saturday before the last Sunday in September)
Country Code: 42
IDD: International Direct Dialling is available
Outgoing Code: 00
Ambulance - 155, Fire - 150, Police - 158.
Czech Tourist Authority (Information Centre), Národní trída 37, 110 01 Prague 1, Czech Republic. Tel/ Fax: (2) 24 21 14 58.
Valid passport in good condition required by all except nationals of Germany who can enter with a valid national ID card. Passports must be valid for at least 8 months at the time of application and in a reasonable state. Requirements may be subject to short term change. Contact embassy before departure.
Required by all except: Nationals of EU countries (except those with the endorsement British overseas Citizen who do require a visa. Nationals of Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Estonia; Hungary; Iceland; Latvia; Lithuania; Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Malta; Monaco; Norway; Poland; San Marino; Slovak Rebublic; Slovenia; Switzerland and Vatican City. Nationals of Cuba; South Korea and Malaysia. Nationals of CIS (except nationals of Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Tajikistan and Uzbekistan who do need visas). Nationals of Romania who have been invited from a Czech national which has been stamped by the representative aliens police and immigration service office.
Other Health Risks: Tick-borne encephalitis in forested areas.
& Drink
Water is untreated and not safe to drink.
Currency Koruna (Kc) or Crown = 100 hellers.
Exchange: All banks, exchange offices, main hotels and cross border crossings.
NOTE: The import and export of local currency is prohibited by non-residents.
All major credit cards are accepted in main hotels, restaurants and shops. Travellers cheques are widely accepted. The preferred currencies are US dollars, Sterling and German DM
ATM availability: Over 1 000 locations.
Cost of
Currently cheaper than Western Europe. However as visitors are increasing so are the prices, and it can be expected to become increasingly difficult for the budget traveller.
Languages Czech (spoken with Bohemia and Moravia). Slovak, Russian, German and English are also spoken.
Weather Mild summers and cold winters.
Electricity Generally 220 volts AC 50 Hz.
Post There is a 24 hour service available at the main post office in Prague. Poste Restante is available throughout the country.
Transport FLIGHTS: Very cheap, quick and convenient.
RAIL: Fares are low but supplements are payable for travel by express trains. Reservations should be made in advance for long journeys.
BUS: Efficient and comfortable. They are more reliable than the train but it is advisable to book in advance.
CAR HIRE: Available from several companies.
TAXIS: Only use major companies who can tell you the type and colour of the car that will collect you.
DOCUMENTATION: A national driving licence will be sufficient.
When using public transport ensure you pay the correct amount which will avoid paying any extra money to persistent train / bus conductors. Petty theft and pickpocketing are rife. Beware of bogus policemen who may want to see your passport and currency.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Do not take photographs of anything connected to the military.